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Films United was founded in 2008 by German filmmaker and activist Grig Richters. Our mission is to tell stories that change the world. One story at a time.

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Films United is a network of Filmmakers and Digital Media Specialists

We utilise the power of film and digital media to tell stories that make a difference. Through our network of filmmakers and digital media specialists we have access to a vast network of celebrities and leading brands.

We specialise in the production of films, web content, documentaries, organisation of events, web development, social media and creating digital media strategies.

Grig Richters giving a speech at the BDI in Berlin, Germany.
Grig Richters giving a speech at the BDI in Berlin, Germany.

It all started in the "Big Apple"

In 2008, while living in New York City, Grig Richters started his company: One Night Celebrity, turning regular people into “celebrities for a night”. When an Executive at MTV found out about Richters and his company, he offered him his own office space at the famous Viacom building, 1515 Broadway (which is where MTV and VH1 are headquartered). There, Richters was developing a TV show format based on his “One Night Celebrity” company with the MTV Executive.

At the time Richters was consulting for MTV on various projects, including the MTV Movie Awards. Helping come up with stunts like the time when Sasha Baron Cohen’s alter ego “Brüno” jumped into Eminem’s face.

Miracle on the Hudson

On January 15th 2009, Captain Chesley Sullenberger successfully landed an Airbus commercial airliner on the Hudson River.

At the time of the landing, Richters was having lunch with friends at his Battery Park apartment, directly overlooking the Hudson River. He happened to have his camera ready and filmed the event for days. The police locked the entire area off for several days. That’s why Richters gave access to dozens of camera teams – from all major US TV Networks – who were able to record many LIVE segments from his living room.

During this time, Richters decided to change the name of his production company “1994 Entertainment” which he founded at the age of 15 and turn it into Films United.

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