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Films United has been producing the only TV channel dedicated to space, for the United Nations Asteroid Day and in partnership with RTL and SES, since 2017.

picture of the Asteroid Day TV film production studio. the show is produced by Films United

Asteroid Day

In 2014, Films United CEO Grig Richters co-founded the United Nations Asteroid Day with QUEEN guitarist Dr. Brian May, Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart, B612 President Danica Remy and Stephen Hawking.

It takes place each year on June 30th, to commemorate the largest known asteroid impact which occurred on June 30th, 1908, over Tunguska, Russia.

On December 6th 2016, the United Nations General Assembly officially recognised June 30th as International Asteroid Day.

Each year Asteroid Day educates millions of people and Asteroid Day TV plays a central role in all of this.

Learn more about Asteroid Day, here.

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The only TV channel dedicated to space

In 2017, the Asteroid Foundation (which operates Asteroid Day on behalf of the United Nations) was created with its headquarters in Luxembourg.

The Asteroid Foundation has been partnering with Luxembourg based TV network RTL, Films United and the world’s largest private satellite company, SES, ever since.

The TV channel was born out of that partnership. Each year from June 1 – July 4, Asteroid Day TV broadcasts a non-stop space programme to over 500 million households worldwide and via web streaming.

Films United doesn’t just produce the overall programme but has also been producing a number of shows over the years, with partners like Discovery Channel, ESA, NASA, and many others.

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