About the campaign

In 2016, the European Space Agency asked us to help promote the Asteroid Impact Mission which did not receive funding during the 2016 ministerial council. In 2019 the mission was up for funding again, this time under the name Hera Mission. We created the “Support Hera” campaign which was supported by over 1,700 famous scientists, celebrities and planetary defense experts. In November 2019, the mission was successfully funded!

Europe’s space ministers gathered at Space19+ in Seville, Spain in November 2019 have approved ESA’s Hera asteroid mission for construction and launch, as part of the Agency’s broader planetary defence initiatives that aim to protect European and world citizens. Hera will be humanity’s first-ever spacecraft to visit a double asteroid, the Didymos binary system. First, NASA will crash its DART spacecraft into the smaller asteroid – known as Didymoon – before ESA’s Hera comes in to map the resulting impact crater and measure the asteroid’s mass. Hera will carry two CubeSats on board, which will be able to fly much closer to the asteroid’s surface, carrying out crucial scientific studies, before touching down. Hera’s up-close observations will turn asteroid deflection into a well-understood planetary defence technique.

Go Hayden!

Hayden Geraghty is nine years old and has autism. He is the European Space Agency‘s youngest Planetary Defence Ambassador. We worked with him and his parents on the “Support Hera” campaign.

Watch his story:

Celebrity Support

Since launching the campaign many celebrities have come out in support of Hayden’s campaign: Keira Knightley, Mark Cuban, Stephen Colbert, Olivia Newton-John, Peter Eagen, Kate Linder, Gemma Atkinson, Tim Peake, Brian Blessed, Sophia Bush and so many more!