In This Together

In March 2019, Films United collaborated with British rock band QUEEN and TikTok on the #InThisTogether video campaign.

Iconic photo of Freddie Mercury posing at Wembley Stadium. Featured image of the Films United / QUEEN In This Together campaign.

The Creation of #InThisTogether

In October 2018, Films United founder Grig Richters walked from Paris to Berlin, to raise awareness of 2,000 children stuck in European refugee camps. QUEEN guitarist Dr. Brian May, a good friend of Grig Richters, supported his walk among many other initiatives and the idea of creating a campaign was already being discussed during the walk.

In March 2019, Films United produced the first music video for the QUEEN classic song “Is this the world we created…?” (written by Freddie Mercury and Brian May), in support of Richters’ “I March For You” campaign.

Hundreds of people participated in the music video and were featured alongside refugees from Camp Moria in Greece, celebrities and real footage of Freddie Mercury.

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Premier at EU Parliament

The official music video of the In This Together campaign was released on March 28th, 2019 at the European Parliament. It was also released online that same day.

Dozens of people gathered outside of the European Parliament in support of the campaign and many thousand watched the Live stream of the event.

The event itself was hosted by Italian MEP Brando Benifei and organised by Grig Richters collaborators Danielle Wilson and Uwe Praetel. IPG Media Brands supported the event by providing the Jumbotron.

A picture of people holding signs in Brussels, Belgium. In support of the QUEEN and Films United In This Together campaign.
People posing in Brussels, Belgium. On March 28th, 2019. In support of the Films United / QUEEN campaign # InThisTogether. Picture by Films United.

Release of the #InThisTogether campaign

Over four million people watched the video across various channels. Over three million people engaged with the TikTok campaign, using the hashtag #InThisTogether.

Learn more about the #WeAreTheChildren, #IMarchForYou and #LeaveNoOneBehind campaigns, here.

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