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Cancer charity fundraiser Stephen Sutton in his hospital bed with his thumbs up. Films United helped him raise money for charity.

We have raised millions for charities. Now we want to pass our knowledge on to you!

My name is Grig Richters. My company Films United has always tried to support important causes and to tell stories that change the world.

We have helped to raise millions for major charities such as the Teenage Cancer Trust UK (through “Stephen’s Story“). We lobbied European governments to save children from refugee camps (and we have already saved over two hundred to date). We have successfully run personal causes and worked with Government agencies to raise over $200 million in funding. For space missions like the HERA mission and by creating the United Nations Asteroid Day.

I truly understand how difficult it can be when you are fighting to save a loved one. How hopeless you feel when the main obstacle is money. I went through that terrible experience myself and I successfully raised all of the money I needed within just a few days.

That is why I am so passionate about this e-Learning class and I hope that it will help you achieve all of your goals!

Best wishes,

Grig Richters

Signature of Films United founder Grig Richters

What you will learn in this e-Learning Class

How to tell your story

How to get people to care about your fundraiser

How to spread the word about your fundraiser

How to raise all of the money you need

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Disclaimer: In an ideal world we would offer our eLearning class for free. We tried to make this e-Class as affordable as possible. But we can only keep our e-Learning sustainable if we charge a small amount. Covering our basic production costs.

What will you receive in this e-Learning class?

In this e-Class we will walk you through every step to creating and managing a successful fundraising campaign. 

We will show you how to raise money using our own past fundraisers as examples (view some of our past campaigns below).

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Our Causes have been featured in the News

Some of our past campaigns


We worked directly with Teenage Cancer Trust fundraiser Stephen Sutton on his campaign which has raised over $5 million.


We ran a PR campaign for the European Space Agency, helping them raise funds for the Hera space mission in 2019.


This was a personal fundraiser. Raising over $20,000 within just a few days. Even celebrities like Sandra Bullock donated.


In 2018, our CEO Grig Richters walked from Paris to Berlin, to raise awareness for 2,000 children stuck in refugee camps.

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Pre-Order our e-Learning class now and get it on July 13th. It’s only $9,99 and the first 100 buyers get one week of free email support! You can ask us any fundraising related questions via email.

Some of the Celebrities who have supported our Causes

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