One Million Steps

In October 2018, German filmmaker and Films United founder Grig Richters walked from Paris to Berlin. He walked 1400 kilometres to raise awareness about one thousand unaccompanied children who are stuck in Europe‘s worst refugee camp, Camp Moria.

The mission: Relocate the children to a European country and provide them with a safe home.

Current status

Four German cities agreed to take the children.

Grig arrived in Berlin on 9 December 2018. His campaign received the support of over fifty Members of the German Bundestag. Including the commission of human rights for the German Bundestag. 

Four German cities agreed to take the children, offering space for up to 2,000 children. Unfortunately, the request has been blocked by the German Ministry of Interior to date. Grig took the campaign with the help of Uwe Praetel and Danielle Wilson to the European Parliament.

Collaboration with QUEEN

In March 2019 the team collaborated with British rock band QUEEN and TikTok on a music video and launched the #InThisTogether campaign to raise further awareness. The campaign has to date been viewed more than three million times.

Nobel Peace Prize winners join our cause

In April 2019 a group of Nobel Peace Prize winners, spearheaded by Kailash Satyarthi, sent a letter to the leaders of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, asking them to support the campaign and to give the children a safe home. The letter was never answered.

What are the next steps?​

The team is currently working with law firm DLA Piper on a legal case against the Governments. The team is also working on a film to highlight the current situation. If you want to stay up-to-date on this project then please leave your email address below.